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[V] 3 Things to Do With All New AWS Accounts

Want to protect your new AWS account from other people and, equally as likely, yourself?

Now that you’ve gotten your brand new AWS account setup, what can you do to secure it from the evil people lurking around every [internet] corner? Or equally as likely, what can you do to protect it against your own [expensive] mistakes as you flounder into the brave new world of cloud computing?

In this video, I touch on 3 things that you should immediately do with all new AWS accounts to ensure that it’s secure both from others, and yourself.

  1. Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your root AWS account

  2. Setup development account
    • Create a separate IAM account for development
    • Add MFA to your new development IAM account
    • Add Billing permissions to your IAM account
  3. Add a budget alert so you can be notified of any charges your account accrues

LastPass Authenticator App:

Next Steps

If you’re new to the world of AWS and/or programming, you’re going to want some help lest you end up lost at sea in the Google and StackOverflow ocean of information.

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