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Want to learn how to actually use AWS to build cool stuff the correct way – not just pass the AWS Certification Exams?

A lot of material for learning AWS is targeted at passing the AWS Certification Exams.

Like learning a foreign language, studying specifically for the exams is fine if all you are trying to do is get the certification. But as soon as you get off the plane and into your first AWS project, you’ll find yourself struggling to apply concepts you learned in class to a real world project.

You open up the AWS Dashboard and, although you’ve seen these words before (AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, RDS, VPC, EC2, etc, etc, etc), you’re not exactly sure how to put them together into a coherent solution to solve your new specific-to-you problem.

What if you knew where to start with your new AWS project? Not only knew where to start, but knew how to figure out exactly where to start.

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